What Customers Are Saying

I met Connie through my sister-in-law Tanya. I visited her shop on 24 next to Arts and loved her orchids, the coffee, and kombucha. It was there that I learned about essential oils and have been able to experience better sleep, calming, and wellness! I always love her stones, smelling the shop (so calming and peaceful), and getting a hug from Connie! She is such a kind and wonderful lady!

Lori N

I met Connie when she had her store over by Arts on 24. Unbelievably, she had gone to grade school with my best friend, and I was able to reunite them! My biggest change since meeting Connie is paying attention to my health and using natural items. She knows so much and loves everyone! I tell others about her creams and cures all the time!

Carla C

I first met Connie when I came into the shop when my husband had pneumonia (he was back to work in three days!). The results from using her products are AMAZING. I use them daily and have never been disappointed!  I recommend her to a lot of my friends who can benefit from not only her products but her knowledge as well. Connie is a true blessing to all who have come to know her and love here!

Pat R

I met Connie at her shop in 2019. I believe God leads us to healers and nothing is a coincidence! Every protocol she has suggested for me has proven to help me perfectly She has taught me how to trust others again, as I have no faith in regular doctors anymore She has saved the lives of many, including Alicia, Hunter, Jessie Jr., Sondra, Andrea and many, many more! I will always refer my friends and family to Connie. She is an Angel!


 I met Connie at her shop on 24 next to Arts. I had not been feeling well and was under a lot of stress. After spending a great deal of time with her that day, I left feeling like a new person! Just refocusing and learning to relax was a major deal. Nd her love for Jesus was definitely a wonderful blessing! She has taught me how to heal myself naturally, learn to listen to my body and then give it the support it needs. Also… I LOVE her skincare products!! Connie, you are one of the most kind, general people I know… I treasure your friendship!

Hazel K

I met Connie at her shop. I was asked what the biggest change I’ve experienced since meeting her, and oh my goodness, there are far too many to write! But  I can say there has been head-to-toe internal change!  Connie is compassionate about life and it oozes out of her—her knowledge and live for others is her God given gits!

Denise C

Connie’s essential oils were introduced to me long before I ever met Connie. A mutual friend of ours was utilizing her products for her clients as well as herself. I saw firsthand how helpful the oils worked and asked where she got them from. I then met Connie at her shop. Right away she said, “Any friend of Karen’s is a friend of mine!” That was followed with a great big genuine hug! I felt our bond that very moment! The biggest changes that I have experienced since meeting her would be, that Connie has educated me about essential oils, herbs, vitamins, and other holistic healing options that are out there. I often tell others that Connie is the smartest woman I know, a true “Wiese Woman” indeed. The knowledge that Connie has enlightened me with and share with others is that there are alternative means of healing all around us and we need to be open-minded and give these other alternatives a chance!

Tanya S

I met Connie at her shop when I was having problems with prednisone. She has such a caring and loving attitude and she is now one of my best friends! She has a lot of wisdom and she never gives up until she can help solve your ailment!

Lora R

I met Connie through a mutual friend. Connie was interviewed by Dana for her website online, and as I watched I,  I was drawn to her sweet spirit. I felt like I knew her, even though we had not met in person. I have learned to give because of Connie. To give with no expectations and with love and generosity! Her genuine love and sincere concern for others is amazing. She makes me feel like the most beautiful, special, and only best friend in the world! I appreciate and love her so much!

Lonnie N

We met Connie at her shop not to long ago, our dog Rocky had been recently been diagnosed with cancer and we heard she could help. Connie has made not only our dogs’ lives better, but ours as well! I send everyone here and I tell them what she has done to get us off our RX meds! Thank you, Connie!

Scott & Becky J

I met Connie when she first opened the shop on 24 next to Arts. Since meeting Connie, I have experienced amazing changes in myself, both physically and mentally. She has helped me overcome many challenging health concerns. I have learned much from her, mostly to enjoy what you do and all the wonderful flowers God has given us to use for the health of all. Thank you for all you do!

Tiffany L